Sunday, January 08, 2012


2011 Was uneasy: many changes, new home and a different set for growing as good person in this huge city.  I was overworked, exhausted many times but I feel that the dream of living the life I envision for us is worthy, overextend yourself does not mean a thing to see a smile and joy in the eyes of the ones you love.  If I miss something all these years is not having enough time or money to spend to be closer to the ones I love the most, my few friends and my family.  When I think on what I have done in a year I only care about the hearts I touched and the ones who have touched mine.  Resources, money and bling just make it easier and richer the experience, and of course I want them to reach and spread this 'thing' we call love in the time I have leased in this planet.  May 2012 bring more resources to make it happen more often.