Friday, September 09, 2011


On my way to get my lunch I keep thinking on what will take me to stay within my comfort zone of 215-220lb bulking good mass and cut the body fat ratio below 9%. that is my nutritional challenge as of now and I am looking for help from ppl who have it done succesfully for real tips.

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Mary: said...

Good job, Frank! Try reading when you have a chance the great book, Heart Disease, How to Reduce and Reverse It. It's written by Essestyn, a cardiologist of 30+ years who maintains that heart disease is diet based. I don't have any history of heart disease in my family and haven't had to battle my weight, but I follow the eating lifestyle because I've seen family members in their 70s-80s who look fantastic because of exercise and this way of eating. Check out, too, Forks over Knives!!!
Keep it up!