Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sometimes I get baffled by silly synchronicities. This one happened to me yesterday after work. I was unlocking my bike and thinking into all I had left to do for the evening: tape the footage, eat, see If I could get to the gym and defy aging like Peter Pan, like my sister says we try to stay young and all this line of thought went there about the so called Peter Pan complex and blah blah....well, my eyes went nuts when riding few blocks down Franklin St the 'message' was GIGANTIC and on wheels in front of my face. I had to take the picture as proof Im not turning a psychic bananas and tempted to take over Mrs Cleo business but Im sure I will make more money if I switch careers. The picture speaks itself:

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Rainy gloomy day in Chicago. Temps have fallen into the low 60s. I surely was no in the mood for a fall day but in order to be productive I am working and cleaning the house in need of mop and vacuum, cooking, plus I am over due with my workout tonight. Nanook is sleeping sweetly on my feet while I type and Johnny had to work this Sunday afternoon. Talking to my family at the Islands today has relaxed me a bit, I need to stay in touch across the Atlantic and sometimes 6 hours of time zone difference makes a burden to find the right time to call. I am happy to find out everybody is fine at my homeland.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Creo que este es el 200 aniversario de la enramada de Guia. Ya no es como cuando yo la vivi hace mucho tiempo. Tanto los actores como el circo han cambiando con el paso del tiempo y al ver las fotos me asusta un poco reconocer tantas caras conocidas y observar que muchas han envejecido y deteriorado rapidamente. Espero que el espejo y la edad no me traten a mi asi de mala manera. Solo queda intacto el trono de la virgen y poco mas. Una fotografia muestra una vista de la calle Octavio Estevez en direccion este y la vision del antiguo colegio de los Salesianos es deprimente y me digo 'hell no!" . Ya no me queda apenas anoranza de casi nada alli y no me molesta en absoluto. El recuerdo de lo que fue la vida en este lugar en mejores tiempos solo vive ya en nuestra memoria.

Friday, September 09, 2011


Friday is gloomy but that does not stop me from having lunch outdoors. I like to sit on this spot, hear the city noises, the boats down the river.


On my way to get my lunch I keep thinking on what will take me to stay within my comfort zone of 215-220lb bulking good mass and cut the body fat ratio below 9%. that is my nutritional challenge as of now and I am looking for help from ppl who have it done succesfully for real tips.

Monday, September 05, 2011


...because these crappy devices never clean. They entertain rubbing around the shit on the streets running against ongoing traffic leaving a nasty cloud behind


My neighborhood


The lead actors today were the amazing blue sky, the company of our friends around great food and wrapping this sunday night with a pleasant walk around the neighborhood with nanook