Saturday, August 13, 2011


So we decided to take a quick ride on the brown line and check on Market Days. They got this anniversary this year but the rain was on and off all the afternoon. I got soaked wet from head to toes and walking with the flip flops was like jumping at the beachfront. I really did not care because the temperature outdoors is nice. Only annoying to take shots of things and people will ruin the camera, that's all. Everybody is beautiful but, hell, don't think that wearing a tight underwear and pink heels in the middle of the street is appealing to me or I restrain myself a laughter. Still, I cant figure out why there are so many male youth acting like girls in excess. Johnny and I were debating that it has to be exhausting to be like that. MiniBar had great music and people were in line in front of Sidetrack just to get in. A couple of big fuckers muscle boys were showing their juiced bods around out there but they did not even stop since they seem only to look for their mirrors. Anyways, it was fun to see people and some other friend we lost track of and regain contact. Maybe tomorrow will be more.

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