Saturday, January 24, 2009



Mary: said...

Hi Frank,
I immediately thought of you and your affinity for interesting architecture. Have you seen anything about the plans for Dubai's rotating skyscraper? I read about it in the Feb.issue of National Geographic. Here's a link:

Frank - Francisco said...

Hey Mary, hopefully you are doing warmer in California. We are almost freezing here these days. Yes, that building proposal bring a lot of fuss inside the architectural world. Everybody is questioning the long term sustainability of such structure, but the concept of a rotating bldng is relatively old. Dubai is turning in a sort of disneyland where architects fantasize with projects that in no way could ever do anywhere else in the 'normal' world, and less likely is that they could get the financing for them in other places. Oil money can. Dont you think?

Reena said...

Hey, como molan esas nubecillas!