Monday, May 19, 2008


La Salle at midnight hour. All week riding alone my bike late in the evening to check on my servers and find if they are running. Several days ago they went down out of the blue. I can't afford that with this deadline. This my street has such a different look by night compared with the frenzy going on by noon at lunch time. Amazes me this city seems to sleep at times, not like New York that never stops. Sometimes I like to stop and look at the people around. All buildings shifts the executives for cleaning maids and manteinance crews until next day. I get to talk to them sometimes, mostly mexicans, russians and eastern european immigrants...who knows. Black people is mostly at security desks and lobbys and we joke. They are the nicest and friendly. They get used to see me coming to work late in shorts and flip flops. I guess it is the advantage of working in a such creative company and Im greatful for that.
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